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Chen Ji-Xia



12th generation from Chen Bu.

Noted for his friendship with Chang Nai-Zhou (see: Hsing-i & Internal Strength Workout By Greg Hayes).


Chen Jixia, called Bingnan, was from the end of the reign of Emperor Qianlong [1736–1795]. He was an expert at Taiji Boxing. Whenever he worked the millstone, he began by pushing with both hands and gradually reduced to the point that he was using only one finger. Thus he developed a push that was so sudden, there was so little to feel that there was no technique to use against it. He was also a master painter. At places such as the Guan Yu shrine in Zhaobao Village, exquisite murals came out of his hand, and he was always able to make them magically lifelike. One day when he was painting at an ancient Buddhist temple to the west of the village, a man pushed on his shoulders from behind, but Jixia suddenly dodged, and the man fell down in front of him. Jixia asked his name and found he was a Mr. Chang of Henan. Chang was famous within artistic circles. He had come to take a look at Jixia’s work, but because he had heard about the renown of the Chen Village boxers, he suddenly decided to give Jixia a test. Discovering that Jixia was indeed skilled at Taiji, he sighed with admiration and then went on his way. Jixia was an expert at using his elbows, and was almost as famous as Jingbo.

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