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Chen Jing-Bo



From Chen Zi-Ming's book as translated by Paul Brennan.


Chen Jingbo, called Changqing, lived during the reign of Emperor Qianlong [1736–1795]. He worked in the service of a certain provincial governor of Shandong. The martial artists there were all inferior to Jingbo, who called him the “top of Shandong”, referring to the height of his skill. In his later years, he lived quietly at home. One day he went to the Mt. Tai Temple at the eastern gate. There was a street performer selling displays of his skills in the public square. While bragging about his high level of skill, he spoke insultingly of other martial arts. Jingbo chastised him for this, but the man then mocked his age and suddenly attacked him. Waiting for the man to get close enough, Jingbo then gave him a powerful strike. The man vomited blood, slipped down to the ground, and died. But Jingbo at the time had been ill. After striking the man, he was himself unable to stand, so he sat down on a rock to the side of the square, where his strength left him, and he died too.

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