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Chen Ke-Zhong


… We were also very close to the other group of student disciples who were trained in Xiao Jia under Grandmaster, Chen Ke-Zhong, an 18th generation Grandmaster. Our fellow Xiao Jia cohort comprised of Chen Bai-Xiang, Chen Tu-Sheng], [[Chen Liu-You, Chen Tu-Yuan, Chen Qi-Liang, and Chen Qing-Huan. Both Grandmasters Chen Zhao Pi and Chen Ke Zhong would often bring all of us along for performances, training sessions and workshops together.


Chen Kezhong 陈克忠

Chen Kezhong (1908-1966) taught according to the old way, the way that he was taught by Chen Xin. In some articles there has been writings by the misinformed that Chen Kezhong should be the student of Chen Chunyuan[vi]. The family descendants of Chen Kezhong as well as his students states that he was indeed a student of Chen Xin[vii] for over ten years and nobody else.

Between 1932 and 1936 he was employed together with Chen Xingsan by the county school to teach Tai Ji Quan. After that he was employed to Jiaozuo to teach. Around 1940 he went to Xi’an but never lightly taught anyone. After 1949 he returned to the Chen village working the fields and teaching students.

He is said to be the person actually saving the style from becoming extinct by teaching a lot of people in the village. Among those who are representative are Chen Boxian (1920-1989), Chen Boxiang, Chen Qinglin.


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