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Chen Qing-Lei


Grand Master Chen Qing lei was born in 1950 in Chen Village Wen county Henan province. (Chen Village is the birthplace of Tai Chi ). He is the 19th generation of Chen’s family and the 4th generation successor of Chen Style Sudden Thunder Tai Chi. Chen's ancestors they are famous and powerful masters and it lit Chen's interested when he was a child. He learned form his neighborhood and at last his uncle taught him the essential tai chi training method and theory. Chen is master on transfer the internal power and changing the internal power.

He is a nice teacher and would teach the secret of Tai Chi to his students. The important training methods and Levels from his ancestor : Movement Training method, Chi Training Method and Explosive Training Method which bring students to a real Tai Chi world. He taught students how to control the Chi move inside the body and how to explosive with Chi power with a easy way to understand so students is fast to get the essential things of Tai Chi . His articles also issued and printed in different Tai Chi and Kung Fu magazine. He got a well reputation of his smart and nice teaching.

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