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Chen Xiao-Wang


Teachers: Chen Zhao-Pei and later, Chen Zhao-Kui. Also his father, Chen Zhao-Xu.


Grandmaster Chen Xiao Wang was born in 1945 in Chenjiagou (Chen Village), Henan Province, China. He is a senior national martial artist and professor at the Chinese Martial Arts International Promotions Centre. Given his ancestry, Chen has not only been successful in Tai Chi himself, but has tirelessly promoted his “family martial art” throughout the world. He is a direct descendent of the creator of Tai Chi, Chen Wang Ting and the grandson of Chen Fa’ke, renowned as the greatest Tai Chi master since the beginning of the 20th Century.

At a very young age, Chen received rigorous training in Chen family Tai Chi: theory, form, weapons, push hands, and free sparring from his father, Chen Zhao Xu, and his uncles, Chen Zhao Pi and Chen Zhao Kui. In 1980, he became a board member of the Henan Institute of Sport and began teaching Tai Chi professionally. He entered the National Tai Chi Competition winning gold medals for three consecutive years (1980, 1981, and 1982). In 1985, he represented China in the First International Martial Arts Invitational Competition in Xi’an receiving the world champion title for Tai Chi. Chen continued to compete in sizable competitions and was awarded the title of champion in Tai Chi more than twenty times. He has represented China, sharing martial arts knowledge with people in more than 30 countries, including Japan, America, and Singapore. His deep Tai Chi skill has allowed him to defeat all martial artists who have challenged him. Chen has taught tens of thousands of outstanding Tai Chi students both in and outside of China. In 1988, Chen was awarded the Contribution to Martial Arts prize by the National Institute of Martial Arts.

Chen Xiao Wang has held many positions of leadership in areas of martial arts, calligraphy, culture, and Chinese medicine and currently holds various positions in many international and Chinese Tai Chi institutions. He was the principal in the films on Chen family Tai Chi produced by Chinese Central Television (CCTV) and has choreographed and directed martial arts films. Additionally, he authored a number of renowned books and essays on Tai Chi. His books and videos have been translated into many languages and have been published worldwide.

Chen has contributed significantly to the international promotion of Tai Chi. In 1990, he left China on a mission to promote Tai Chi to the world. He established the World Chen Xiao Wang Tai Chi Association and has since been touring Europe, North America, South America, and Asia promoting and teaching Tai Chi. The distance he travels each year is equivalent to twice the circumference of the earth. In February 2003, he accepted an invitation to return to his hometown, Jiao Zuo, to author a Tai Chi book for elementary and high school students. Both the people and government of Jiao Zuo warmly welcomed him.

Chen’s big heart, his outstanding Tai Chi skills, and his personal characteristics make him highly respected around the world. He is truly the most outstanding Chen family Tai Chi master of his generation and a world-renowned martial artist.

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