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 +<​title>​Chen Zhao-Xu</​title>​
 +== Lineage
 +* Teachers: [[Chen Fa-Ke]] (father)
 +* Students: [[Chen Xiao-Wang]]* (son)
 +== About
 +Master Chen Zhaoxu is the oldest son of Master Chen Fake. Born in 1911, he assisted his father in teaching in Beijing. He is the father of Master Chen Xiaowang considered today as the ineritor of the Chen familly taiji quan style. He died in 1960.
 +* Chen Zhao-Xu died when Chen Xiao-Wang was young, so although he would have had a chance to teach his son, it would have been when Chen Xiao-Wang was a child. Chen Xiao-Wang'​s primary teacher appears to have been [[Chen Zhao-Pei]].
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