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-<​title>​Chen Zhong-Shen</​title>​ +[[Chen ​Zhong-Shen]]
- +
-== Linage +
-* Second son of [[Chen ​You-Heng]] +
-* Twin Brother of [[Chen Ji-Shen]] +
-* Sons: [[Chen Yao]] (Eldest) +
-* Contemporaries:​ [[Chen Geng-Yun]], [[Chen Heng-Shan]] +
-* Students: [[Chen Tong]], [[Chen Fengju]] +
- +
-<​blockquote>​ +
-陳仲甡傳 +
- +
- +
-陳仲甡字宜篪號石厂有恆公次子與弟季甡同乳而生而貌酷似鄰里不能辨稍長猿背虎項魁偉異於常兒甫三歲卽令習武十餘齡時從祖母往趙堡趕會有担水者水濺公衣理論不服公一擊倒之旁觀者皆為歡異及長與弟季甡同入武庠咸豐三年洪楊軍延及豫省林鳳翔李開方李文元等率衆由鞏縣站得舟渡河直犯溫境所過殘殺公率族衆抗之洪楊驍將楊奉淸號大頭王掩襲名都大城所向無敵嘗腋挾銅砲縱過武昌女牆轟守者破其城軍中素目為飛將軍時為先鋒公與戰於村中老君堂左以鐵鎗挑於馬下村人乘勢取其首級洪楊軍皆驚潰比及李棠階援師來助洪楊軍已竄柳林矣林鳳翔李開方知公勇欲收之一日五鼓突發大兵入陳溝圍公宅衆以殺其驍將皆恐懼不敢入室公故作從容徐步而出雄威遠射旁若無人所向退避蓋林李皆未來又震於公威咸不敢加害迨林李至公已飄然遠舉矣公處重圍逍遙脫險卽在當時亦不知何由而然也嗣鳳翔移圍覃懷五旬不下潛從太行山後遁自後於村中授徒履常滿戶咸豐六年捻黨圍亳州之役七年菜園之役八年張羅行犯汜水之役九年克復蒙城之役十一年長槍會李占標犯武陟木欒店之役同治六年小閻王張總愚由絳犯懷之役公皆建殊功同治十年以疾卒河朔書院山長劉毓楠私謚之為英義 +
- +
-Chen Zhongshen, called Yichi, as well as Shichang, was the second son of [[Chen You-Heng|Chen Youheng]], the twin brother of [[Chen Ji-Shen|Jishen]]. Their appearance was identical and their neighbors could not tell them apart. He grew to be big and tall, with the back of ape and the neck of a tiger, different from ordinary boys. At the age of three he was made to begin martial training. When he was ten years old, he went with his grandmother to a temple fair in [[Zhaobao Village]]. Competing at water carrying, the buckets hanging from his shoulder pole splashed his clothes, and yet he did not get wet. He then hit the pole away to put the buckets down. The onlookers all saw something unique in him. When he reached adulthood, he and [Chen Ji-Shen|Jishen]] took the county-level military examinations together. +
- +
-  In the third year of the reign of [[Emperor Xianfeng]] [1852], the armies of [[Hong Xiuquan]] and [[Yang Xiuqing]] [i.e. the [[Taiping Rebellion]]] were on the move. The forces of [[Lin Feng-Xiang|Lin Fengxiang]],​ [[Li Kai-Fang|Li Kaifang]], and [[Ji Wen-Yuan|Ji Wenyuan]], ferried over the Yellow River from Gong County, pouring straight into [[Wen County]], where they proceeded to slaughter everyone they came across. Zhongshen led his clan to resist them. The intrepid [[Taiping Rebellion|Taiping]] general [[Yang Fu-Qing|Yang Fuqing]], called the “Headstrong King”, launched surprise attacks. He had a reputation in every city for being invincible. He once carried a bronze cannon under his arm and fired at the parapets of Wuchang, thereby smashing through their defensive position. Within the army, his piercing eyes made him the bravest general, and he was always in the vanguard. Zhongshen made his stand against him by the village’s Laozi Hall, having his soldiers use iron spears to stab up at horses from below, and then having villagers take advantage of the moment by chopping off the heads of the riders once they had fallen. The [[Taiping Rebellion|Taiping]] army was surprised and collapsed. Then when [[Li Tang-Jie|Li Tangjie]] [the Qing minister of defense at the time] sent a force to help, the remaining [[Taiping Rebellion|Taiping]] soldiers fled away into the willow forest. +
- +
-  Now that [[Lin Feng-Xiang|Lin Fengxiang]] and [[Li Kai-Fang|Li Kaifang]] knew of Zhongshen’s bravery, they wanted to capture him. One day during the fifth night watch [around 4am], foot soldiers suddenly entered Chen Village and surrounded Zhongshen’s house, intending to kill him, but they were all too afraid to go in. Zhongshen therefore put on a leisurely air and walked out slowly and majestically,​ as if there was no one around, and the troops withdrew. Lin and Li had not yet arrived, but were already struck by the power Zhongshen exuded in that no one had dared to attack him. Then once Lin and Li got there, Zhongshen had already floated away, escaping with ease through the layers of surrounding troops and out of danger, and they never knew how he did it. [[Lin Feng-Xiang|Lin Fengxiang]] then moved his forces [north] to instead surround Tanhuai, which he spent fifty days trying to capture and then stealthily retreated behind the Taihang Mountains. Henceforth in the village, there were prospective students filling Zhongshen’s doorway. +
- +
-  In the sixth year of [[Emperor Xianfeng|Xianfeng]]’s reign [1855], Zhongshen was enlisted by local militia to battle at Bozhou. In the seventh year [1856], he fought in the Battle of the Vegetable Gardens. In the eighth year [1857], he battled against Zhang Lexing when he attacked at the Si River. In the ninth year [1858], he was in the battle to retake Mengcheng County. In the eleventh year [1860], when [[Li Zhan-Biao|Li Zhanbiao]] attacked with his long-spear army, he battled against him at Muluan Village in Wuzhi County. In the sixth year of the reign of [[Emperor Tongzhi]] [1867], the minor tyrant Zhang Zongyu attacked Huaiqing and Zhongshen again performed distinguished service in battle. In the tenth year [1871], he died of illness while north of the Yellow River at the classical learning academy run by the scholar Liu Yunan. Zhongshen’s family gave him the posthumous name of Yingyi [“heroic and righteous”].+
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