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Gu Liu-Xin



The late Master Gu Liu-Xin is China's most well known martial arts researcher and theorist. Devoting his whole life to China's taiji and wushu undertaking, development and evolution, he had tremendous influence both inside and outside of China. He is one of the most prominent representatives of the martial arts of China.

Master Gu (1908-1991) was renowned for his martial arts skill, particularly his taiji skill. He was one of the most celebrated Chinese martial artists and prominent historians, especially in his research of taiji and the martial arts. From age 11 he had learned from more than 10 famous wushu (kungfu) masters. Master Gu was also a scholar as well as a high-ranking administrator in various important government leadership positions.

He was the first to be invited into the central government in Beijing to teach many well known Chinese leaders taijiquan. In 1957 Master Gu also was sent by the Chinese central government as the best taiji instructor to the capital of Vietnam, Hanoi, to teach taijiquan to Ho Chi Minh. He was kept by Ho Chi Minh in the president's palace for five months to teach Ho Chi Ming and other high ranking Vietnamese officials taijiquan.

Master Gu was a student of the well known Yang Cheng-Fu and Chen Fa-Ke. He was highly skilled in wushu and was the best known taiji master in terms of practical skill and knowledge in taiji and push-hands technique. His knowledge extended beyond the practical application and usage of taijiquan, Master Gu was a scholar and historian and was the only one in the martial arts and taiji circles to systematically and scientifically research and sum up the whole history and development of taijiquan.

He has written extensively on the subject and is recognized as being the foremost authority. His books range from works in the Chen-style paochui to Yang-style taijiquan. There is as yet, no English translation of his works.

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