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 +<​title>​He Bin-Quan</​title>​
 +== Lineage
 +* Teachers: [[Chen Zhao-Kui]], [[Gu Liu-Xin]]
 +== About
 +The late Master He Bin-Quan of Shanghai studied under the famous Chen-style taijiquan master, [[Chen Zhao-Kui]] (son of [[Chen Fa-Ke]]). Master He (pronounced Hur), highly skilled in Chen-style taiji, was well known for his ability to issue internal power in fighting situations.
 +Master He was very well known in China'​s wushu circles. For many years Master He was a member of the Shanghai Jing-Wu Association,​ the secretary of the Shanghai Wushu Association,​ the head coach of the famous Shanghai wushu team and sparring team at the Shanghai Sports Stadium. Master He is featured in the video "​China'​s Living Treasures Volume 2" and demonstrates part of the Chen-style form.
 +Master He shared the same room accommodations with Chen [[Zhao-Kui]] when he was living and teaching in Shanghai. Master He, who already had an excellent wushu background and was very well known for his wushu ability, learned a great deal of Chen-style secret techniques from [[Chen Zhao-Kui]]. The two became great friends and shared their vast wushu experience.
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