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Hunyuan Qigong


Created by M. Feng Zhi-Qiang as a synthesis of his martial arts career learning from Hu Yaozhen and Chen Fa-Ke.

Hunyuan Qigong 12 Form

What is usually referred to as Hunyuan Qigong is a set of twelve exercises. However, there is also a set of Hunyuan Fang Song exercises and a set of Hunyuan Chansigong exercises. All three sets of exercise appear in a DVD set starring his daughter.

List of Moves

1. One: Lower the Qi and Cleanse Internally
2. Two: Gather the Qi to the Three Dantians
3. Three: Two Hands Rub the Ball
4. Four: The Three-Dantian Open and Close
5. Five: The Sun and the Moon Turning
6. Six: Circular Extension and Contraction
7. Seven: Single Leg Ascending and Descending
8. Eight: Double Leg Ascending and Descending
9. Nine: Belt Meridian Grinding
10. Ten: Heaven and Earth Opening and Closing
11. Eleven: Collecting the Qi to the Dantian
12. Health Massages

Hunyuan Qigong 10-Form

The website lists a similar 10 movement form. It appears that the 12 move set is the same as this one, with the addition of 11 and 12.

Hunyuan Qigong 10-Form List of Moves

1. Sink Qi to Wash Organs
2. Collect Qi from Three Dantians
3. Double Palms Rotate the Ball
4. Open/Close Three Dentins
5. Sun and Moon Rotation
6. Extend and Withdraw Qi in Circular Motions
7. Single Leg Raising and Lowering
8. Double Leg Raising and Lowering
9. Dai Meridian Circulation
10. Open/Close Heaven and Earth 
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