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…the story of ninth generation Li Xin (Yan), Li Zhong (1598-1689), and cousin Chen Wangting (1597-1664) of Chen Village, all studying in the Taijimen (Taiji Gate) of the Thousand Year Temple, and collaboratively creating taiji yangshenggong shisanshi (taiji health cultivation thirteen postures) and tongbeigong (back-through art). Later, the two cousins accompanied Chen Wangting, when he competed in the provincial military examinations in Kaifeng. Incensed by an unfair judge’s scoring in the archery contest, the three participated in the fatal beating of the man. For this, Li Xin was stripped of his gongsheng degree and fled to Qicheng, where he worked in his uncle’s granary until it went bankrupt.Douglas Wile, “Fighting Words” pg. 24

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