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Some pages have been restricted to members only. In the future some tiers of membership may include a fee. These pages will be listed in the domain taiji-p or neijia-p parallel with entries in the normal Taiji and Neijia domains.

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You can sign up by contacting the owner of this wiki.


As time goes by as this wiki tends to accumulate more information and more accurate information, usage is bound to increase. This will eventually raise the server cost to beyond anything remotely reasonable.

Currently the server costs me $10 or $20 a month to operate. Should, in the future, usage increase the cost of this site to more than $50-100 a month, it will no longer be a private labor of love but will take on two new and distinct characteristics: versus private it will be a public resource of considerable value (considerable enough to blow server costs thru the roof) and it will be a financial burden possibly taking away from my ability to fund a home dojo or pay for martial arts lessons.

Therefore, to stem the tide I will begin moving some pages into a private namespace. This will require you to sign up and log in. Nothing wrong with that, after all its free. However if after a while that is not enough to control the cost of this server to reasonable levels I will have no choice but to charge for access to – again – certain pages. Not all pages mind you, but maybe the top ten popular pages.

Ultimately, I don't mind sharing what I have learned and what others have shared with me, but it will always remain an unequal relationship since others may share once but I pay for it for the rest of my life. As such I'm happy to keep sharing as much as possible so long as for me this server and this wiki remain a somewhat private, labor of love.

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