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 +<​title>​Peoples Sports Publishing House</​title>​
 +== About
 +FOUNDED in January 1954 and attached to the All—Chinese General Sport Administration and the Chinese Olympic Committee, the People’s Sports Publishing House of China(PSPHC)is the biggest of its kind in the country. As a publisher at the national level specialized in physical education and sports, it has enjoyed support from the government and the whole society and received directives from the President of the State and the Premiers and Vice—Premiers.
 +The PSPHC’s authoritativeness is guaranteed by large Advisory Board headed by the International Olympic Committee and composed of Presidents or vice-presidents of various sports associations,​ and by scores of capable leaders and chief editors who are also leading members of different sports organization or institutes.
 +With the objectives of promoting the people’s physique,raising athletic standards and enhancing social and cultural values,and in keeping with tasks set for different periods, the PSPHC has published more than 4 thousand books with a total circulation of 652 million copies.All these publications have played a big role in the development of sports, athletic training, physical education and sports sciences, as well as in bringing up a large number of writers and translators and rallying them for the cause of sport.
 +Books published by the PSPHC fall into the following categories: theory of sports and physical education, athletic training, sports history, sports dictionaries,​ handbooks and reference materials, sports and games among ethnic groups, teaching, scientific researches, wushu and qigong(traditional Chinese martial arts and breathing exercises), body-building,​ health and beauty, regimens, sports medicine, sports among the folk, health-oriented recreation, and arts and photography on the theme of sports, as well as translations from foreign languages. Since 1987, some 120 books have won prize in national polls.
 +In cooperation with colleagues outside China’s mainland, the PSPH has published more than four hundred books from 1979. At present, PSPH have cooperative relations with the United States, Britain, Germany, Malaysia and such as Hong Kong and Taiwan.
 +The PSPH will make continuous efforts for the development of sport in China and for cultural exchanges with the rest of the world.
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