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Peter Lim's Taijiquan Resource Page


Original source has been online for many years, and can (currently) be found at As these things usually get taken down at some point because they are products of a single human being, I will mirror the articles here.

  • Part 1: The Origin Theories
  • Part 2: The Martial Arts Practiced In the Chen Village
  • Part 3: The Development Of Chen Style Taijiquan
  • Part 4: The Development Of Yang Style Taijiquan
  • Part 5: The Development Of Wu Yu Xiang Style Taijiquan
  • Part 6: The Development Of Wu Jian Quan Style Taijiquan
  • Part 7: The Development Of Sun Style Taijiquan
  • Part 8: The Development Of Zhao Bao Style Taijiquan
  • Part 9: Popular Modern Styles Of Taijiquan


The articles will remain as-is, but will be re-formatted them in order to provide a table of contents and inter-link the content with the rest of the wiki.


I can not contact Peter Lim because his e-mail address bounces. I will make a detailed attempt to contact him in the short future. Until then, the fact that he has not edited his webpage even to update his e-mail in something like twenty years leads me to believe I should mirror these pages before they go down. I will remove the pages upon request, but it is my intent to contact Mr. Lim and ask for permission ASAP.

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