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 * [[PL Part 9|Part 9]]: Popular Modern Styles Of Taijiquan * [[PL Part 9|Part 9]]: Popular Modern Styles Of Taijiquan
 * [[PL Historical Series Notes|Historical Series Notes]] * [[PL Historical Series Notes|Historical Series Notes]]
 +== Editing
 +The articles will remain as-is, but will be re-formatted them in order to provide a table of contents and inter-link the content with the rest of the wiki.
 +== Permission
 +I can not contact Peter Lim because his e-mail address bounces. I will make a detailed attempt to contact him in the short future. Until then, the fact that he has not edited his webpage even to update his e-mail in something like twenty years leads me to believe I should mirror these pages before they go down. I will remove the pages upon request, but it is my intent to contact Mr. Lim and ask for permission ASAP.
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