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Qigong is a type of exercise designed to work on the flow of Qi (“Chi”) within the body. There are many, many types and forms of Qigong, all of them generally designed to either awaken or increase awareness of Qi flow in the body, or to shape and control that flow for health or martial purposes.

In any decent form of Qigong the exercises will serve multiple purposes. One, they will balance out the yin/yang in the body and put it towards the neutral state, second they will promote awareness of yin and yang remaining in the neutral state. Finally, the test of a true system of Qi Gong is if it then allows the practitioner to awaken and experience qi flow from the neutral state. Finally, some of the best Qi Gong forms will also and finally help the player to shape and refine the motion of Qi within the body, to accomplish certain purposes. Although, it could also be said, that these forms of Qigong merely follow the patterns themselves, and teach you how to move your body to harmonize with them.

Types of Qigong

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