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 <​title>​Settling</​title>​ <​title>​Settling</​title>​
-Settling is the demonstration of standing meditation during ​the form and of how well you have [[Setting Postures|set your postures]].+Settling is the term for certain pauses in the form, which can be used to re-set your posture. It is related to the idea of fixing your form via [[Setting Postures]].
-To perform this move simply relax at the end of major moves such as [[Single Whip]]. ​This may look like a slight sinking move, a slight extension, ​etc. and will feel like you are relaxing into the moveThe goal is to move the end-point of your frame (posture) in-line with the settled posture such that your entire ​form is settled (set)This is the approach to [[stillness in motion]] from [[motion in stillness]].+To perform this move simply relax at the end of major moves such as [[Single Whip]] ​as your instructor guides you to do soSettling commonly takes the form of a slight sinking move, a slight ​relaxation at the shoulders and extension ​of the arms, and so forthIt is similar ​to the settling one would do at the very beginning of a long form. Also see [[stillness in motion]] from [[motion in stillness]]
 +== Pausing 
 +Another similar and related concept is pausing, but pausing is usually done for demonstration purposes (photo ops). However, it is a great time to introduce some settling into the form.
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