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Sun Style

Created by Sun Lu-Tang, who was a master of Xingyiquan and Baguazhang. He learned Hao style from Hao Wei-Zhen.

He developed a 93 movement traditional Sun style form which he practiced every day. Unfortunately this form was not standardized and quickly diverged among Sun's top-level students. Therefore a standardized form of 73 movements was created, backed by great amounts of research and development including input from Sun Jian-Yun and many other Sun style masters. The resulting standardized Sun form is considered a fair and accurate representation of Sun Lu-Tang's true art and flavor.

Sun Style 73 form

Created in six sections.

Section 1

 1. Commencement Form
 2. Leisurely Tying Coat
 3. Opening Hands
 4. Closing Hands
 5. Single Whip
 6. Lifting Hands
 7. White Crane Flashing Wings
 8. Opening Hands
 9. Closing Hands
10. Brush Knee and Twist Step Left
11. Playing the Lute
12. Step Forward to Deflect Downwards, Parry and Punch
13. Apparent Closing Up
14. Carrying the Tiger and Pushing the Mountain
15. Opening Hands
16. Closing Hands
17. Brush Knee and Twist Step Right
18. Leisurely Tying Coat
19. Opening Hands
20. Closing Hands
21. Single Whip Left
22. Punch Underneath Elbow

Section Two

23. Repulse Monkey Left
24. Repulse Monkey Right
25. Brush Knee and Twist Step Left
26. Leisurely Tying Coat Left
27. Opening Hands
28. Closing Hands
29. Single Whip Right
30. Waving Hands Like Clouds Right
31. Higher Horse
32. Toe Kick Left
33. Toe Kick Right

Section Three

34. Step on Firmly to Punch Downwards
35. Turn Body and Jump Up with Both Feet
36. Subdue the Tiger
37. Toe Kick Left
38. Turning Body and Kicking With Heel
39. Step Forward to Deflect Downwards, Parry and Punch
40. Apparent Closing Up
41. Carrying the Tiger and Pushing the Mountain

Section Four

42. Opening Hands
43. Closing Hands
44. Brush Knee and Twist Step Left
45. Leisurely Tying Coat
46. Opening Hands
47. Closing Hands
48. Diagonal Single Whip
49. Parting Wild Horse’s Mane
50. Leisurely Tying Coat
51. Opening Hands
52. Closing Hands
53. Single Whip Left

Section Five

54. Waving Hands like Clouds Left
55. Lowering Movement
56. Golden Cock Standing on One Leg
57. Fan Back
58. Fair Lady Working At the Shuttles

Section Six

59. Higher Horse
60. Cross Hands and Patting Foot
61. Forward Step to Punch Crouch
62. Lively Step and Leisurely Tying Coat
63. Opening Hands
64. Closing Hands
65. Single Whip Left
66. Single Whip and Lowering Movement
67. Forward Step Seven Stars
68. Backward Step Riding Tiger
69. Turn body, Lotus Kick
70. Drawing Bow to Shoot Tiger
71. Double Forward Punch
72. Yin and Yang Merging into One
73. Closing Form
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