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 === Can Tai Chi be used as a Martial Art? === Can Tai Chi be used as a Martial Art?
-The short answer is yesthe long answer ​is, not unless your teacher shows you howYou can spend ten or twenty years refining your form, but if your teacher can't even feel his chi, you //never// will. You need to find teacher who can show you how to feel your chi within 100 to 200 days (3 to 6 months). Longer than this, and you are either not practicing every day or you are wasting your time with that teacher. After that, use the 3 to 6 month principle to judge yourself and your teacher. If you have not made progress every 3 to 6 month period, ask your teacher ​for advice. If a year has gone by of your own hard practice and you have not made any improvement ​in your skillbe honest with yourself, none? Nothing significant?​ Then talk to your sifu about it, if he has a good explanation that's fine, but otherwise ​you should ​find another ​teacher. As long as you are working hard, practicing your form 5 times properly ​day or more, it is your teachers responsibility to guide your progress, and there is no reason you should not make continuous, regular progressAnyone who tells you differently is trying to sell you something.+Yesbut there is a caveatToday Taijiquan is rarely taught as martial art and is usually practiced only for health. If you are interested ​in learning "Tai Chi" as a martial artyou can still do it but you will have to find teacher ​who is capable of using Tai Chi as a martial art in the first placeMost instructors cannot do this.
-And if the school does not teach push hands (at all), or is insular (does not respect other lineages of taijiquan at all) do not waste your time with them. It's a safe bet a school is not insular if they teach two or more styles of Tai Chi, if they do push hands, if they ever compete ​at anythingor if they ever invite masters who are not directly connected ​to the school to give training seminars. Ask them if they ever take "trips to china" etc. is another clue. Generally you want a school which is not afraid to show it's stuff and is generally aware that there are hundreds of good tai chi schools in the world and that nothey are not the only ones with the good stuff. Humble teachers are famous teachers.+A quick way to tell if a Tai Chi school will help you learn to fight is whether or not they teach co-operative push hands. If the school does not teach co-operative ​push hands, or does not teach push hands at allit is likely ​to be a complete waste of your time. Generally you want a school which is not afraid to show it's stuff -- there are hundreds of good Tai Chi schools in the world, ​it'​s ​not a "​secret"​ anymore. Humble teachers are famous teachers!
 === What is Chi / Qi / Ki / etc? === What is Chi / Qi / Ki / etc?
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