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-<​title>​Wang Mao-Zhai</​title>​ +[[Wang Mao-Zhai]]
- +
- +
-== Lineage +
-* Teachers: [[Wu Quan-You]] +
-* Students: [[Yang Yu-Ting]] +
- +
-== About +
-Wang Maozhai (1862–1940) was one of Wu Quanyou'​s of Wu-style t'ai chi ch'uan three primary disciples. When Wu Quanyou'​s son Wu Chien-ch'​uan (Wu Jianquan) moved from Beijing to Shanghai in 1928 he remained to lead the Wu-style Beijing group. He was the founder of the Beijing Tai Miao t'ai chi ch'uan Research Centre. In 1929, the first documentary book on Wu-style t'ai chi 'The record of Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan' was published by Wu Chien-ch'​uan,​ Wang Maozhai and Guo Fen. His primary disciple was Yang Yuting.+
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