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-[[Wang Yong-Quan]]+<​title>​Wang Yongquan</​title>​ 
 +== Lineage 
 +* Teachers: ​[[Yang Jian-hou]], [[Yang Chengfu]] 
 +* Noted Students (no order): [[Wei Shuren]], [[Qi Yi]], [[Sun Deshan]], [[Wang Pingfan]], [[Zhu Huaiyuan]], [[Zhang Guangling]],​ [[Zhang Xiaoda]], [[Gao Zhankui]], [[Zhao Shaoqin]], [[Sun Gengfu]], [[Ding Guangzhi]], [[Sun Deming]], [[Liu Wanzhong]], [[Wu Youwen]], [[Zhang Wenjie]], [[He Fengshan]], [[Liu Jinyin]], [[Lu Jiming]] and others. 
 +* Father: [[Wang Chonglu]] 
 +== Intro 
 +At the age of 14 (in 1917), he began learning from Yang Chengfu at the recommendation of Yang Jianhou. At the age of 23 he began teaching Yang's Tai Chi at a local high school and at a local hospital. (http://​​wang-yongquan-yang-style-tai-chi-chuan/​) 
 +== About 
 +Wang Yongquan, whose nickname was Xiao Lao Hu “Little Tiger,” was very skilled at Chinese Wrestling and could fall without getting seriously injured; so the Yang Family loved to practice their techniques on him. 
 +Wang Yongquan learned from the whole Yang Family, including Yang Shao Hao and Yang Cheng Fu, but especially from Yang Jianhou.  
 +It is said that Wang Chonglu, the father of Wang Yongquan “Little Tiger,” when he spoke of Yang Jianhou would say that Yang Jianhou’s Tai Chi was was completely different from anything he had ever witnessed before and was simply the best display of martial arts he had seen.  Unfortunately,​ father and son could not be in the same generation. So Wang Chonglu was placed under Yang Jianhou as a 3rd generation, while Wang Yongquan was placed under Yang Chengfu as 4th generation, even though they both learned mainly from Yang Jianhou. 
 +=== 1957 
 +Awarded 2nd place in the first Wushu forms contest in Beijing. Later became the vice chairman of the Beijing Wushu Association. 
 +== Sources 
 +Also see: https://​​books?​id=gLUlDAAAQBAJ&​pg=PT12&​lpg=PT12&​dq=wei+shuren+1986&​source=bl&​ots=WDoPauepwM&​sig=WGrarBaGtgk6SkTZKJ2yCQqhQtg&​hl=en&​sa=X&​ved=0ahUKEwix18ecwe_bAhXWAIgKHU_BCKQQ6AEIdzAT#​v=onepage&​q=wei%20shuren%201986&​f=false 
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