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 <​title>​Wang Zong-Yue</​title>​ <​title>​Wang Zong-Yue</​title>​
-Note: The following contains speculation based on a collection of source material heretofore accumulated in one place due to modern research and the age of the internet. Source material will be linked wherever possible. +under construction
- +
-== Controversy +
-The figure of Wang Zong-Yue is as controversial,​ if not moreso, than Zhang San-Feng. This has become unavoidable due to several factors. Without going into great detail I will note that the Yang family was responsible for introducing Tai Chi to mainstream China, and that the Yang family was burdened by two conflicting obligations;​ one, the promise to the Chens not to teach the secrets of Chen family gongfu, and two, the obligation to the Qing dynasty emperor to teach Tai Chi in his court. These conflicting goals mean that most of the people who practice Yang style Tai Chi and are not inner-door disciples of the Yang family posess incorrect information regarding the source and content of their art. This is of course a highly controversial position to take nevertheless,​ it is a position borne out 100 years ago between [[Wu Tu-Nan]] and [[Chen Fa-Ke]], a story that will be told another time (it will be linked from [[Wu Tu-Nan]], [[Chen Fa-Ke]], [[Chen Zhao-Kui]] and [[Chen Xin]] at some point). +
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-Let us therefore set aside a discussion of the //​controversy//​ for that time and focus solely on the information itself and what it may mean. +
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