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Wei Shu-Ren



Known as an inheritor of Yang Jianhou's teachings.

Before meeting Wang Yongquan in 1986 he learned other forms of Taijiquan for 28 years[1]. The styles listed in source are 24 form and the 88 form promoted by the country. He also learned first and second routines of Chen style, short sabre of Yang style, Taijiquan pair practice, Taijiquan sword pair practice, and Wudang sabre pair practice at this time. His teachers at this time were Gai Dianxun, Jiang Yukung and Liu Guitang.

Meeting Wang Yongquan

When he was 70, Wang Yongquan was invited to teach taijiquan at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS). To dig deep in the true essence of Yang-style taijiquan, Qi Yi, head of the philosophy institute at CASS and Wang Pingfan, head of literature, discussed and decided to ask Wei Shuren to learn from Wang, and to organize and catalogue the forms and theories taught by Wang. It was at this time in 1986 or 1987 that he formally acknowledged Wang Yongquan as his master.


According to source (2), Wei may have begun learning (this) Yang style or had been introduced to it as early as 1982. “In 1982, Mr. Wei was in the famous martial arts house in our country, Mr Yeung Wing-Chuen, master of yang tai chi Under the door. Mr. Wei studied hard and made rapid progress. He was deeply wang, and he was committed to the death of Wang Wang, and he was book.” More information or a better translation would be appreciated.

Dissemination of Yang Michuan

Wei Shuren has stated that it was Wang Yongquan's dying wish that Yang Michuan become widely disseminated to prevent the art from dying out. And thus, the art formerly considered secret to the Yangs was disseminated publicly by Wei Shuren to as many people as possible. The general terms for this art are Yang Jia Michuan and Lao Liu Lu or Old Six Forms. As an aside, this might be taken as de facto confirmation that the secret art passed down in the Yang family was essentially the old six routines as taught by Chen Changxing before they were codified into two routines.


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