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Wu Kuang-Yu (Eddie Wu)



Eddie Wu Kuang-yu is a Chinese-Canadian T'ai Chi Ch'uan teacher. He is the eldest son of the late Wu Ta-kuei and senior instructor of the Wu family and “Gatekeeper” of the as taught in the Wu's T'ai Chi Ch'uan Academies internationally since the passing of his uncle, the late Wu Ta-xin, in January 2005. Eddie Wu is the great-grandson of the late Wu Jian-quan, and grandson of the late Wu Gong-Yi. His two sons, Austin Wu Chung Him and Edward Wu Chung Wai are also teachers in their family's school.

Eddie Wu started learning Tai Chi from the age of 6 from his grandfather Wu Gong-Yi with whom he lived with till age 12. Thereafter, Eddie Wu moved back to live with his father Wu Ta-kuei and continued learning till he left for university. He later graduated and worked as an Engineer for several years.

In 1975, master Wu Ta-ch'i started the first western hemisphere Wu family school in Toronto, Canada. Shortly afterwards, he invited his nephew, then Sifu Eddie Wu Kuang-yu to take over the school at the age of 30. Eddie Wu has promoted Wu style T'ai Chi Ch'uan in Asia, North America and Europe, with schools that recognise his supervision in Toronto, Fredericton, Ann Arbor, New Jersey, Hawaii, London, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia.

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