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 +<​title>​Wu Ying-Hua</​title>​
 +== Lineage
 +* Teachers:
 +* Students: [[Ma Jiang-chun]],​ Dr. [[Ma Hai-long]], [[Ma Jiang-bao]],​ [[Ma Jiang-ling]],​ and [[Shi Mei-Lin]]
 +== About
 +Wu Ying-hua 吳英華 was born in Peking in 1907 and died in Shanghai in 1996. She was the eldest daughter of Wu Chien-ch'​uan,​ the best known teacher of Wu style Tai Chi Chuan. Her older brothers were [[Wu Gong-Yi]] and [[Wu Gong-Zao]]. She began studying Tai Chi Chuan at age nine, by age seventeen, [[Wu Ying-hua]] was recognized as a teacher in Peking. In 1921, she was invited to teach Tai Chi Chuan in Shanghai. In 1928, her father followed her to Shanghai and Wu Ying-hua became his teaching assistant. In 1930, she married [[Ma Yue-liang]] who was [[Qu Jian-Quan]]'​s senior disciple. In 1935, Wu Chien-ch'​uan founded the Chien-ch'​uan Tai Chi Chuan Association in Shanghai. Wu Chien-ch'​uan died in 1942.
 +After about 1980 and the Cultural Revolution, it became possible to teach Taijiquan publicly in China. About this time her brother [[Wu Gong-Zao]] was released from prison and moved to Hong Kong, Wu Ying-hua and Ma Yueh-liang were the senior Wu family members remaining in mainland China. Wu Ying-hua and Ma Yueh-liang created a Simplified Wu Tai Chi Chuan Form and were again able to have public meetings of the Chien-ch'​uan Tai Chi Chuan Association. They taught a large number of students in Shanghai and in their travels to New Zealand, Germany and elsewhere. Together with Ma Yueh-liang, Wu Ying-hua published several books on Wu style Tai Chi Chuan. “Wu style Tai Chi Chuan: Forms, Concepts and Applications of the Original Style,” “Wu Simplified Tai Chi Chuan,” and “Wu style Tai Chi K'uai Chuan or Wu Style Tai Chi Fast Form” have been collected in a single volume in China. They also co-authored a Wu style weapons/​sword book. Wu Ying-hua was recognised as the senior instructor of the Wu family from 1983 until she died in 1996.
 +Ma Yueh-liang and Wu Ying-hua are survived by several children and grandchildren,​ including: [[Ma Jiang-chun]],​ Dr. [[Ma Hai-long]], [[Ma Jiang-bao]],​ and [[Ma Jiang-ling]]. Ma Jiang-bao lives in the Netherlands and teaches traditional Tai Chi Chuan in Europe. Their adopted daughter [[Shi Mei-Lin]] now lives and teaches in New Zealand. She also has students in France and in the United States .
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