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 <​title>​Xingyiquan'​s Three Levels of Practice</​title>​ <​title>​Xingyiquan'​s Three Levels of Practice</​title>​
 +== Fa Jin
 +The three levels of practice here refer to the quality of [[Fa Jin]] in [[Xingyiquan]] as borne out of [[Standing Meditation]].
 +==== Ming Jin 明劲 ('​Clear-to-see Jin')
 +The strength and form must be strong, precise, and clear. Extend outward with force. When putting out force it must pass through, penetrate, pierce, connect, be pliant, ferocious, round, firm, have a shaking-cutting strength, and deliver explosive force //​(editor'​s note: i.e. [[fa jing]] at this stage).// Practice and drill the hand techniques to develop the external 5-Elements and the elbows to develop the internal 5-Elements. Advancing and retreating with bent legs as if wading through mud (tang ni; refers to the practice and intent of Plow/Mud Stepping) like "​walking while plowing through mud". This is the stage of Ming Jin.
 +==== An Jin 暗劲 ('​Hidden Jin')
 +One must have already grasped and have a strong foundation in the Ming Jin stage. Then you can start on the second stage. Now when using strength you contain it and don't reveal it on the outside. Store up ([[xu jing]]) but don't emit ([[fa jing]]). Deliberately store up your Jin. The power to '​fa'​ emit is held back but not released, to the opponent this feels very powerful and strange and then you can emit. This is called "​Treading on thin Ice" [And the feeling is like when walking on an iced-over lake and never knowing when, or if, you're going to break through the ice.]. This is the stage of An Jin.
 +==== Hua Jin 化劲 ('​Transforming Jin')
 +This is considered the highest stage of practice. You must have already grasped the stages of Ming Jin and An Jin and have a very strong foundation in them. You should have a lot of experience in fighting as you must know that this stage is '​[[Sheji Cong Ren]]' (same as in Taijiquan). Give up yourself and comply with the opponent. Use 'Zhan, Lian, Nian, and Sui' (sticky, link, adhering, and complying). Everywhere you need to be empty and not exerting strength. The whole body must be blending and smooth ([[hun yuan]] - smooth roundness) and not starting and stopping. This is the skill of 'The opponent does not know me, I alone know the opponent.'​ At any time, place, or moment you can emit (fa), but only emitting force at the precise moment. This is the Hua Jing stage.
 == About == About
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