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Xinjia Er Lu

This page deals with the second form of “Xinjia” or new-frame Chen Style. In the first form it is said the body leads the hands, and in the second form it is said the hands lead the body.


Xinjia was created by Chen Fa-Ke in Beijing prior to 1956 as a way of making Laojia more appealing and lively, to suit younger and more modern students. Although he had many students and disciples such as the notable Hong Jun-Sheng, the primary way in which Xinjia is passed down today is via his third son, Chen Zhao-Kui.

List of Moves

 1. Prepatory Form
 2. Buddha's Golden Warrior Attendant Strikes the Mortar
 3. Lazily Tying the Coat
 4. Six Sealing & Four Closing
 5. Single Whip
 6. Deflect Downward, Intercept and Punch
 7. Protect the Heart Punch
 8. Side Walk and Twist Step
 9. Sink Waist, press elbow and push
10. Insert Left Palm into the Well
11. Wind Sweeps the Plum Flowers
12. Buddhas Golden Warrior Attendant Strikes the Morta.
13. Hidden Body Puunch
15. King-Kong pounds the mortar
16. Hidden body punch
17. Rotate body and back strike
18. Green dragon emerges out of water
81. The cannon of confronting opponent
82. King-Kong pounds the mortar
83. Closing form
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