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 +<​title>​Xinjia Er Lu</​title>​
 +This page deals with the second form of "​Xinjia"​ or new-frame Chen Style. In the first form it is said the body leads the hands, and in the second form it is said the hands lead the body.
 +== History
 +Xinjia was created by [[Chen Fa-Ke]] in Beijing prior to 1956 as a way of making Laojia more appealing and lively, to suit younger and more modern students. Although he had many students and disciples such as the notable [[Hong Jun-Sheng]],​ the primary way in which Xinjia is passed down today is via his third son, [[Chen Zhao-Kui]].
 +== List of Moves
 +   1. Prepatory Form
 +   2. Buddha'​s Golden Warrior Attendant Strikes the Mortar
 +   3. Lazily Tying the Coat
 +   4. Six Sealing & Four Closing
 +   5. Single Whip
 +   6. Deflect Downward, Intercept and Punch
 +   7. Protect the Heart Punch
 +   8. Side Walk and Twist Step
 +   9. Sink Waist, press elbow and push
 +  10. Insert Left Palm into the Well
 +  11. Wind Sweeps the Plum Flowers
 +  12. Buddhas Golden Warrior Attendant Strikes the Morta.
 +  13. Hidden Body Puunch
 +  14. 
 +  15. King-Kong pounds the mortar
 +  16. Hidden body punch
 +  17. Rotate body and back strike
 +  18. Green dragon emerges out of water
 +  81. The cannon of confronting opponent
 +  82. King-Kong pounds the mortar
 +  83. Closing form
 +{{tag>​chenstyle forms xinjia yilu moves movelist}}
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