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   82. King-Kong pounds the mortar   82. King-Kong pounds the mortar
   83. Closing form   83. Closing form
 +== Sub-forms
 +Interestingly enough, the long form can be viewed as a collection of forms, each one expressing certain characteristics.
 +=== First Sub-Form
 +In this manner, the first form is about double arm silk reeling, an expression of the core skill.
 +   1. Open form
 +   2. King-Kong Pounds the mortar
 +=== Second Sub-Form
 +Containing Lazy about tying coat and single whip, two core and central expressions within Tai Chi.
 +   3. Lazy about tying coat
 +   4. 60% sealing and 40% closing
 +   5. Single Whip
 +   6. King Kong Pounds the mortar
 +=== Third Sub-Form
 +This form focuses on stepping techniques and contains one always-release strike. It is only a little bit longer than the previous two.
 +   7. White Crane Spreads it's Wings
 +   8. Walk obliquely and twist step
 +   9. First closing
 +  10. Wade forward and twist step
 +  11. Walk obliquely and twist step
 +  12. Second closing
 +  13. Wade forward and twist step
 +  14. Hidden hand punch
 +  15. King-Kong pounds the mortar
 +  ​
 +=== Fourth Sub-Form
 +Although I've chosen to delineate the sub-forms along these lines, it should be noted that after Green Dragon (move 18) is usually thought of as the break for first section. ​
 +  16. Hidden body punch
 +  17. Rotate body and back strike
 +  18. Green dragon emerges out of water
 +  19. Push with both hands
 +  20. Change palm three times
 +  21. Fist under elbow
 +  22. Slide back and whirl arms
 +  23. Step back and press the elbow
 +  24. Middle Section
 +  25. White Crane spreads it's wings
 +  26. Walk obliquely and twist step
 +  27. Lighting fast throw through the back
 +  28. Hidden hand punch
 +  29. 60% sealing and 40% closing
 +  30. Single whip
 +  31. Wave hands like moving cloud
 +  32. High pat on horse
 +  33. Rob with right foot
 +  34. Rob with left foot
 +  35. Side kick with left heel
 +  36. Wade forward and twist step
 +  37. The punch of hitting the ground
 +  38. Turn over body, jump and kick twice
 +  39. Beast head pose
 +  40. Hurricane Kick
 +  41. Side kick with right heel
 +  42. Hidden hand punch
 +This is a section break in the main form, which is also a convenient place to end this section.
 +Usually if you wanted to start with small grasp and hit you can just rotate arms to the left (palm out left, right palm at shoulder) then continue up, drop down/chop down, come up into small grasping and hitting. Then again, starting from animal head posture is also popular because you can practice that difficult series of moves again.
 +=== Fifth Sub-Form
 +  43. Small grasp and hit
 +  44. Embrace head and push the mountain
 +  45. Change palm three times
 +  46. 60% Sealing and 40% Closing
 +  47. Single Whip
 +  48. Front Technique
 +  49. Back Technique
 +  50. Mustang ruffling it's mane
 +  51. 60% Sealing and 40% Closing
 +  52. Single Whip
 +  53. Stamping both feet
 +  54. Fair lady works the shuttle
 +  55. Lazy about tying coat
 +  56. 60% sealing and 40% closing
 +  57. Single Whip
 +  58. Wave hands like moving cloud
 +  59. Sweep kick and stretch down
 +  60. Golden pheasant stand on one leg (Both sides)
 +Another natural section break. The sub-forms may be viewed as perfunctory now, but for the purposes of learning this sub-form idea might be interesting.
 +=== Sixth Sub-Form
 +  61. Slide back and whirl arms (Both sides)
 +  62. Step back and press the elbow
 +  63. Middle section
 +  64. White crane spreads it's wings
 +  65. Walk obliquely and twist steps
 +  66. Lighting fast throw through the back
 +  67. Hidden hand punch
 +  68. 60% Sealing and 40% closing
 +  69. Single whip
 +  70. Wave hands like moving cloud
 +  71. High pat on horse
 +  72. Cross hands and sweep kick
 +  73. The punch of hitting the crotch
 +  74. White ape presents the fruit
 +  75. 60% Sealing and 40% Closing
 +  76. Single Whip
 +  77. The dragon on the ground.
 +  78. Step up to form seven stars
 +  79. Step back to mount the tiger
 +  80. Turn around and sweep kick
 +  81. The cannon of confronting opponent
 +  82. King-Kong pounds the mortar
 +  83. Closing form
 +== By Unique Characteristics
 +Sometimes while doing the form a small check-list is to be desired. There is some minor internal structure which may help. One such break-down begins with noticing the form contains three sections of wave hands like clouds; the first is 5 times, the second is four times, and the third is five times.
 +=== The 5-4-5 system
 +This system is very useful once the fourth and fifth sub-forms have been learned.
 +The first section is delineated on press, the first press becoming fan through the back, and the second directly prior to rub with right heel.
 +So after the first set of 5x wave hands like clouds, there are a series of kicks (rub with right foot, rub with left foot, and kick with left heel), two superunique moves (the punch of draping over body and beast head pose) and a crescendo of three moves performed on one foot: Kick with right heel, turn over (intermediary posture before) hidden hand punch. Then small catching and hitting, embrace head and push, etc., this entire series is not too difficult to remember, especially since it's the first section taught.
 +The key is that before you go into the second wave hands, there is fair lady works at shuttles. This means the single whip after horse mainlines ruffles (silly horse) goes into fair lady, while the single whip //after// fair lady goes into the four-time wave hands. After the second wave hands is sweep kick and step down into golden pheasant.
 +To get into the third, 5x wave hands, begin with repulse monkeys as usual, until the time it would take to kick (rub with right foot, etc). There is a sub-break here when you execute the press technique. The first time you execute it on this way, you approach the second fan through the back. The second time, you perform cross hands and sweep kick (into lower punch).
 +This 5-4-5 system, each with two sub-breaks, creates an alternate six section form which can help you learn.
 {{tag>​chenstyle forms xinjia yilu moves movelist}} {{tag>​chenstyle forms xinjia yilu moves movelist}}
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