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-<​title>​Yáng jiàn hòu (楊健候)</​title>​ +[[Yang ​Jianhou]]
- +
-== Linage +
-* Teachers: ​[[Yang ​Lu-Chan]] +
-* Students: [[Yang Cheng-Fu]], [[Yang Shao-Hou]] +
- +
-== About +
-Yang Chien-hou , was the younger son of the founder of Yang style T'ai Chi Ch'​uan,​ Yang Lu-ch'​an,​ and a well known teacher of the martial art of T'ai Chi Ch'uan in late Qing dynasty China. Yang Chien-hou'​s older brother, Yang Pan-hou, was the senior of Chien-hou'​s generation, and also an important instructor of T'ai Chi Ch'​uan. Yang Chien-hou'​s sons Yang Chengfu and Yang Shao-hou were also famous teachers of T'ai Chi Ch'uan+
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