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Yang Shou-Zhong



Yang Shou-chung or Yang Shouzhong, birth name Yang Zhenming, (1910–1985) was the eldest son of Yang Cheng-fu.

Yang Shou-chung began training in his family's style of t'ai chi ch'uan (taijiquan) at age 8. By age 14 he had begun to work with his father as a teaching assistant and at age 19 he was already teaching government officials around China. In 1949 he fled to Hong Kong where he stayed for the remainder of his life teaching privately mostly out of his home on Lockhart Road on Hong Kong Island. He appointed three disciples: [Ip Tai-Tak] (1st and Chief Disciple (Hong Kong), Gin Soon-Chu (2nd Disciple, U.S.), Chu King-Hung (3rd Disciple, Europe). Yang Shou-chung is survived by his three daughters: Tai Yee, Ma Lee and Yee Li who currently also reside in Hong Kong.

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