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-<​title>​Yang Yu-Ting</​title>​ +[[Yang Yu-Ting]]
- +
-== Lineage +
-* Teachers: [[Wang Maozhai]] +
-* Students: [[Wang Pei-sheng]],​ [[Li Jing-wu]] and [[Li Bing-ci]] +
- +
-== About +
-Yang Yuting (1887–1982) was a teacher of Wu-style t'ai chi ch'​uan. He was Wang Maozhai'​s primary disciple and studied with him from 1916 to 1940. +
- +
-He began training in martial arts from the age of nine. He had a number of masters and learned Tan Tui, changquan, xingyiquan, baguazhang and Wu-style t'ai chi ch'​uan. +
- +
-He reformed his Wu-style training to make it more systematic and standardised the Wu-style t'ai chi he had learned from Wang Maozhai. After his death he became the leader of the Wu-style Beijing group. +
- +
-He was a respected teacher in Beijing for 75 years and at the time of his death vice-chairman of Beijing Martial Arts Association (北京市武术运动协会副主席),​ a highly prestigious position within Beijing martial art community. Wang Pei-sheng, Li Jing-wu and Li Bing-ci were all his students.+
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